Guidelines for Friday’s blog

1 – Make specific reference to the readings (include page numbers, direct quotes) whether you are responding to a classmate’s post or directly a reading.

2 – If you express or disagree with a reading, provide a specific piece of historical evidence to support your agreement or disagreement. Try not to be vague.

3 – It’s always a good idea to make connections to other things you’ve read or experienced. When you do make these connections, try to use specific titles, authors’ names, etc.

4 – Aim to write at least 250 words.

5 – For Friday, I want you to focus on making connections. Take a look at your lecture notes and the readings for the week, your post should comment on a relationship between at least three (for instance, 1 reading and 2 lectures; 2 readings and 1 lecture). You could consider questions such as: Is there a shared experience around 1900 that cut across regions; how and why did people in different regions respond? Was the experience of imperialism different or similar in different regions; how or why? What tactics were used to resist European imperial expansion? How did different elites (for instance, in Japan and Brazil) respond to shifts in the global economy or global balance of power? What was the role of a particular technology or ideology in Africa, East Asia, or Latin America?