Bright and Geyer : Blog 1

I thought that within the reading Bright and Geyer raised many interesting ideas about globalization. They very thoroughly covered the accomplishments of globalization as they discussed the replacement of old narratives and the now disconnect of world history from European history. The “rise of the west”was no more and the new history rewrites the prehistory of our present day history. This divergence from Europe and the displacement of empires transitioning to nations caused rivalries and conflict. Nations had to adapt and survive through agriculture and primary production.

Also, one of the topics that specifically stuck out to me was the idea of our world transitioning from being explored and connected to now becoming more and more interconnected by the day. Over the course of modern history, the world has been changing rapidly. Old methods of communication and transportation have made way for newer, faster, and better means that help the world work smarter, faster, and more precisely. Innovation has skyrocketed our knowledge of technology, and the human race is now globally on a much closer level than ever before.

However, this closeness isn’t geographical or cultural, but instead through the vast, interconnected network of technology which we are building and expanding on by the day. These technologies really helped this idea of enmeshment and people having to engage in our entangled world.