Response to Bright and Geyer

Near the end of the summary the word “survival” is used to imply that the world in general is struggling to face global entanglement as if it is necessary to continue progress, reassimalation and innovation. However, I believe the word “stress” is more appropriate for this topic. Nations, states and even individuals do not necessarily need to improve themselves as they stand but it is the “stress” that comes with comparing themselves to something better, efficent or ethically right that brings the real struggles to face global entanglement. In my mind the word “survive” is used when a thing is acheiving the bare minimum to function without any kind of luxury or surplus of it needs. However, what is seen with every civilzation is the “stress” for improvement whether it is from an outbreak of a disease in which an antidote can be made to save more lives or increase in technically to reduce the “stress” of hard labour. In capitalism it is a known fact that competiters are required so that companies have a need to show that they are better than their competiters.