Response to Summary of Bright and Geyer

Another resonating issue that is growing in connection to what Bright and Geyer explain as Globalization is the struggle between people, many living in the same geographic regions, to continue participating in the same market while allowing cultural divides to dictate economic drive. A few examples of these include areas all over the world including many large midwestern cities in the United States such as Chicago, as well as other major population centers throughout the world that exist with significant socioeconomic divide and a disappearing middle class. Combined with growing nationalism as also mentioned due in part to growing isolationist tendencies as an attempt for individual nations to protect their dwindling middle classes, it is clear that the fact that the world, especially in an economic sense, is dependent on each other and only a select few have been able to truly benefit from this new system. Thus the effects of not benefitting from this system combined with the eventual social issues that arise from the response to these issues explain many of the issues we see today.