A Hopeful Continent Response

The process of decolonization in Africa changed the course Africa was on forever. From a continent largely occupied by European powers to a continent of independent nations. One of the negative ramifications of the decolonization was the power vacuum created in many African nations and the potential for unruly governments and leaders to fill those voids. Political turmoil has been a constant in Africa since decolonization as the newly independent nations are trying to find their way. Many African nations have seen dictators, protests, uprisings, war much of what Europe went through in the 19th and 20th century. Much of this political turmoil and war can still be seen in recent years.


The Economist article, A Hopeful Continent, talks about the hope that Africa is turning a new leaf. A new leaf in terms of less political turmoil, wars and fighting, and improvement of governing. The Economist may not be the most unbiased news source, they still provide evidence for a shift in Africa, a shift for the better. Specifically, with war, the article highlights the point that “several big conflicts across the continent have died down” (4). It highlighted the end of wars in Ethiopia and Mozambique. The article also points at though that general violence is down across the country, that does not mean it is over. In general, the article is discussing the upward trend they see in Africa, while many might not see it yet, it is there. Not that it is completely changed and perfect, there are still much political turmoil and violence but it is improving.

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