This weeks reading and lectures included primary themes of the decolonization in Africa, imperialism, and the overarching racist views of Africa itself.

Europe and other western powers had a lot of influence on African history, and through ivory and slaves Europe especially was able to make great profit. Since Africa in the late 1800’s was pretty much up for grabs, many powers came to benefit. Through this, many economies in Europe were strengthened significantly without much payoff to Africa. Essentially, they were being used for their land and resources while also suffering from inequality and division of lands. However, Africa did not solely suffer from this. Instead, they were able to see population growth and revitalization movements a little later on.

It is interesting how Europe and other powers distorted and muddled African history and still somewhat continue to do so to this day. Since caucasians were viewed as the superior race for a long period of history much of the historical texts and information was skewed to fit the fundamental beliefs of the time. This filter is very evident in people’s misguided view on Egyptians and Egypt itself being declared as white. Furthermore, Africa is given this image of being a drained, impoverished continent. This really had a serious effect on culture and African ways of life. However, Africans themselves remain hopeful in their outlook today, although the media from other nations does not portray that quite well.  In fact, Africa has made quite a few developments in education, infrastructure, and more.


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