Europe in The Late 1900’s to Now

Many of the lectures and readings touched on the growing dreams and desires of the early europeans who were born and lived through the two wars which extends to the future generations and the change in state. Fridays reading “From Michael Hunt, The World Transformed 1945 to the present” pg 338 really vocalizes the internal struggle and suffering of citizens during the war. The loss of fathers, family and homes would in most trigger hatred and unrest towards the war and those involved in it however european bonds are tighten and amended by the early generations who grow tired of the conflict. Carrying the experiences and teachings of the past to proclaim a strong desire for strengethening the lack of welfare and humanitarianism. Unlike a state of war making into a government focused on serving the people and their needs instead of the governments. This forms the basis for the reading “Europe as a Way of Life” were a higher standard of living is seen with less complexations for the citizens in terms of anything that would strike against a peaceful life. As great as an idea this is, it is simply not completely possible at the present. Europeans desire no conflict however outside forces such as immigration and terrorist attacks prove to be fatal to the people and its government who do not have proper preparations for the influx of population and lack of funding for protection against terrorism. Its important to note that they attempt to uphold their desire for no adventures and integration but feel that its necessary to protect this ideal at the cost of bending them

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