Blog Post 10/4

  1. ¬†One of the themes of post WWII Europe was the crumbling empire. The war was a huge economic burden on the continent, and affected areas had to be entirely rebuilt. Following the war the powers of Europe would no longer be able to maintain their large overseas empires. Only Britain and the Soviet Union were able to somewhat maintain their holdings. but eventually Britain’s territories would cost too much of a toll to keep, and the Soviet union broke up before the end of the century.
  2. The political topography of Europe changed in a way that made the continent more peaceful. Political parties on the opposite spectrum would have much in common, even in different countries. and with the movement away from old style political parties the continent came to a consensus on its beliefs and ideals. People also moved away from singular intellectuals who in previous generations tried to influence continental politics.
  3. The posters from The World Transformed clearly show hatred towards Muslims particularly those who are immigrants. In today’s post 9/11 society people are terrified about the idea of their country having their own 9/11. Which leads to fear about terrorism, mostly Islamic terrorism. With the migrant crisis, and growing Muslim communities in Europe parts of the general public become worried. They turn to the state, and nationalism, which paints this idea of better times before the huge immigration crisis which makes immigrants out as an invading force. Some nationalism is good but like everything else too much of a good thing can turn out bad.


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