Regional Focus (Europe)

1. One of these thematic shapes were globalisation, where countries in Europe wanted to become more interconnected and have greater influence with the rest of Europe and the world. This thematic shape emerged because of competition with other countries and their desire to get ahead of them. Competition created their need to expand their power, economically and politically so they conquered countries, specially in Africa where they profited greatly from. They formed alliances with other powerful nations, which helped eliminate conflict with them and helped each other gain new knowledge that benefitted their economies, through products and services.

2. The political topography of Europe altered dramatically, where there was a decline in membership and falling turnouts at the polls. There was a slight increase in the amount of political intellectuals, where more people became engaged in the science and ideas behind politics. However, more of the younger generation became less interested and worried about politics like Marxism and human rights, where they cared more about material products. Communism, war, censorship and the death penalty were also less an area of concern for the younger generation, where they had more freedom- with abortion and contraception being very accessible, and homosexuality was freely permitted and openly practiced.

3. Judt pointed out the European Dream as a life without complications, basically a life of leisure. A life of leisure meant that most Europeans didn’t want to be apart of another war and wouldn’t have to be because they only had one possible enemy, the US, that was on a whole other continent. One statement from The World Transformed was that part of Europe’s rightful role in the world was to be able to guarantee its own security. Judt wrote that Europe took considerable responsibility for its citizens’ welfare, security and well-being, so in this sense their rightful role in the world was fulfilled. Most Europeans felt safe with the presence of their military and government and as long as the nation insured the unemployed and educated children then the nations’ political state would not be questioned.

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