Latin America post

This weeks lectures really focused on the inequalities, corruption and the effects of transculturation in Latin America very much similar to the extent of what happen and or what is happening in Africa as well.

Latin America is subject to, compared to other nations over a long period of time, a large scale of sudden historical integration with a mixer of people and cultures irreversibly changing the dynamics of Latin Americas structure and representation. Outside foreign forces such as the Slave trade driven by European countries as the growing demands for many cheap labours to produce raw material goods. In turn distributed a massive influx of Africans to later be somewhat assimilated into Latin America after the abolishment of Slavery. The structure of the population consisted of the local natives, Africans and Europeans, a vast cultural difference. The large population of African could presumably do no better for their own good as many were formal slaves with no education and political experience. Even with the removal of European colonialism which set the stage for the structural groundwork of inequalities that now characterize Latin America. The European hierarchy of unequal power was only replaced with a slightly better alternative, for example Bolivars, that have no choice but to be based upon their “successors” as Latin America has never seen any longterm stable success and justice. The common people of Latin America have so little to cherish compared to Americans that anything a smigden better is shockingly praised and fought to continue despite the underlining corruption it may entail such as grid-locking the political system so that a select few can stay in power indefinitly. On page 318 in the third paragraph of “galeano upside down” a nice quote continues this arguement and inquiries additional thoughts. In particular “Perhaps that explains the case with which it fell, without pity or glory, and the rapidity with which a new power emerged featuring the same personalities.”.

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