The Export Boom as Modernity:

This article discusses broad Latin American ideologies and concepts while focusing specifically on singular events and countries. The time period would be late 19 century and into the 20th century as well. Mexican independence in 1910 was an excellent example of hope which blossomed in the early 20th century. While it is not truly a Latin American country, the new projects and changes proposed were revolutionary and hopeful. This age in Latin America was also considered the golden age of export oligarchy, which meant railroads played a crucial role in the mass exportation of goods which began in Latin America. Another broad concept in Latin America around this time was the idea of progress, then change. This meant an officials desired for an iron hand to be implemented so that progress could realistically be made. Another key factor to the success of this policy was the idea that large scale success in states would in turn allow for cities and communities within that state to prosper as a result.  It was a trickle down effect in that sense. However, violence and conflict was prevalent throughout a handful of countries, and bad policies were often forced upon people in order to restore control. Through all this, Latin America saw a golden age of export boom as countries were able to enter the global economy through this. Photographs were another key point in this article. They were used as the first documentation of poor working conditions but also the progress and expansion of the time period. Overall, it was a very useful technology to discover in such a time period.

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