Declarations of Independence post

To begin, the documents take resemblence to each other as both state that the Land of Israel is the birthplace of their respective people, the Jewish and Palestinians. Despite the difficulties from their proclaimed one and only homeland each take pride in that the people held on to their faith and cultural values for their religions in hopes to dispel their exile and or to restore their national independence. Tied down willingly to their proclaimed homeland each took their heritage and each generation to build up their defences, masses, and fought towards national independence with consideration for their beliefs in loving peace.

Religion is a natural link that binds the people together mixed with a sort of related identity that comes with the beliefs in their heritage and ancestors whom followed the same beliefs. However its important to note that just because they are Jewish or Arab does not mean they intensly follow the common beliefs of their people however only that they may feel a connection to their descendants birthplace in the case of their homeland. Therefore they are not necessarily driven solely or even entirely by their religion. This goes with the formation of norms and values which do not relate to the readings of their respective religions, they are separate entities formed by their societys and the people themselves.

The jewish do not really define the palestine directly only that they will accept their existence and in text strive to ensure complete equality to all inhabitants irrespective of religion, race or sex with hopes to preserve peace despite the onslaughts launched by Arab inhabitants.. The Palestinians do not seems to be as fond of the jewish with their “intensify efforts whose goal is to end israeli occupation”. They claim to be a peace-loving state yet jump at the idea of competiton to proclaim whom is just and for “whom justice is the only recourse”.



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