Israeli and Palestinian Blog Post

1.) Both documents start by claiming they have the best right to the land. This right they both claims is granted by God and their historical connections to the land. They also both present their declarations to the UN and ask for recognition and support in their efforts. Lastly, they both claim to desire a peaceful resolution and desire a country where discrimination based on sex, race and religion are not allowed.

2.) Religion is very important in each document as it is presented in the first paragraph of each. Religion was used to justify their rights to the lands as their connection to God in this area is used to justify their claims. Religion is also in the desire for their nations. The Israeli’s want a Jewish state while the Palestinians want an Islamic state.

3.) The Israeli people define themselves as Jewish people while the Palestinians identify themselves as Palestinian Arabs. Both groups define themselves by their religions and cultural qualities. They also present themselves as victims in history and use this as why they should be allowed to claim their right to the lands.

4.) The Israeli people call the Palestinians “the Arab inhabitants” and the Palestinians call the Israeli’s just Israelis. Though, both Declarations have limited dialog about the other’s which I thought was interesting as they claim their right to the lands but do not specifically claim why the other group does not have a proper claim.

5.) Both see their new state as singular Jewish or Islamic, but also identify that persecution by race, sex, gender and religion would not be tolerated. This is seen as the governments  will be based on principles of social justice, equality and non-discrimination in public rights of men or women, on grounds of race, religion, color or sex”.

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