The Greek-American Dream

Both of my parents were born and raised in Greece. My father was the son of a farmer and became very familiar with the daily struggles of poverty. As a child, he was accustomed to tending to his family’s orange and tobacco fields in the city of Nafplion. He was very interested in anatomy, and coincidentally, after losing his father to a heart attack, he received an incredible opportunity to pursue his passion for healthcare, and practice cardiovascular surgery in New York. Knowing little to no English, he traveled to the city for this opportunity and navigated his way to a secure job in Youngstown, Ohio where he raised six children with the help of my mother. Similarly, yet very different, my mother was born in the metropolis of Volos and traveled to France to earn her teaching degree. She then traveled to the States, where she, like my father, spoke little to no English and navigated her way through the country until she met my father at her best friend’s home in Boardman, Ohio. My parents represent the embodiment of hard work, to attain their Greek-American dream. There hard work and proliferation motivated them to break through boundaries, overcome obstacles, and create a better life in America for me and my siblings.

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