Environmental Effects From Human Cause

The rapid expansion of an urban structure, suburb housing, and the movement of rural communities to larger towns has impacted the type of growth in many developed countries worldwide. This movement can be seen through statistics across the internet where the rural population has been eclipsed by the urban population by billions of people. Consumer culture has made this push more easy as goods are brought in from all corners of the market to satisfy the needs and wants of millions and millions of people.

Once these people are in cities, planning for more and more population continues, with highways being planned over poor sections of cities and commercial zoning taking over older buildings. This is seen in Moses’ plan for New York City as he prioritizes the ability of people to move around the city efficiently, leading to the destruction of historically significant neighborhoods and homes. As consumer culture demands more and more from the system it is contained in, more efficient, yet most likely more harmful, farming and manufacturing processes come to be.

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