Bright and Geyer Response

I found the Bright and Geyer brought up a rather interesting point in that Westernization was not the turning point of the world and Globalization is not a direct result. This assertion goes well against the grain of most modern history concepts since it can be seen clearly how the birth of a nation like the United States and the inevitable sprint that technology takes in a race between nations to be the most advanced once the is settled lines up to show Westernization equals Globalization. Geyer and Bright bring a very human, and savage as a result, aspect to the entanglement of the world rather than a nation based one. People always strive to be superior in some way shape or form to another group of people. This has been the cause for innovation, expansion, war, and exploitation for generations and there most likely no end in sight. People in power rarely just sit idly by with said power. More often then not they’ll see just how far they can push it and this takes form in exploitation.

Whats even more is that this is not a new idea of the 19th century either. The infamous, “the sun never sets on the British Empire” is a perfect example of how stepping on and over someone to reach farther in the balance of power drove the world wide entanglement. Not a sole gave a care about whats happening over in china until the British had them far opium so they can resell it to the people and nearly enslave a nation. This advanced the British both financially and in stance of power against the rest of the world. Thus providing an example to prove Geyer and Brights new theory as a passable idea.