I agree with Bright and Geyer, that the strategies adopted to cope with the conditions of globality have changed over the last 150 years, rather than the idea of globality itself. This is true because every country has always wanted to expand and globalize to have more control, power and just better economic status and continue to do so. So that hasn’t changed but the ways to globalize and the ideas about globalization has changed.

I also agree with their idea that the parts of the world that aren’t as stable as the countries that are, are no longer trying to catch up with them-rather they are just trying to survive. Some countries that aren’t as stable may be trying to ‘catch up’ in a way so that they can be more peaceful and/or economically stable; but they are ┬áreally trying to survive. They might be too far behind financially, economically or politically to catch up with more successful and powerful countries, so all they can do is try to survive in the today’s society.