Response to the 1900s

The 1900s witnessed many modernizations in different country. The effects of Western civilization had made Yukichi start to think about modernize his country but the way to do it was cruel to their ancestor and their culture. In that time, Yukichi saw a lot of advantage in Western civilization, their technology and compared to their resources which was left so far behind. He thought that because of the way the ancestor did was so slow and not giving enough advancement. As he said:” Civilization is like an epidemic of Measles” and he considered that this was a task of a wise man. He would not resist it but instead he would think it was a wisely decision to let the epidemic spread away and immersed in it. This was so hard to accept it because he wanted to wipe out all of his ancestors believe and work to adapt a new civilization. Even though he wanted to modernize his country but he also needs to remember and thankful for what the ancestors had done, it is unacceptable to forget and deny what they have done and follow a new civilization.

Another reason for him to so agree with the Western life was Japan was grouped with others countries that had been left behind because of poor technology and old civilization. His ideal was get rid of the old traditional and follow the new ideal which was Imperialism. He wanted to leave others countries behind and then create a new trend for Japan and Asian: “Thus we have not only gotten rid of the old customs of Japan, but also created a new trend in Asia as a whole.” It was acceptable to follow a new ways when his country was weak and need a new method to change the country but get rid of old culture and traditional and following Western civilization was unacceptable



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