Imperialism in East Asia

Without a doubt imperialism caused much conflict and misery between the citizens of Japan, Korea and China. War was a demonstration of power and a usual tool for expansion. Japan took advantage of it superior military as a means to build debt for neighboring nations, not only to acheive influence but as well as cashing in the debt for land. With imperialism and the empire of japan came nationalism, inspired by the west, in the form of japan radically distinguishing their identity and culture as superior apart from the rest of East Asia. At the same time, china and others found a hole in their growth when woman were seen as untaped resources. Stunting growth as they were approximatly 50% of a popullation. Chinese men took strides to improve and moderize woman to be a more useful and prominent resource in society. This as well relates to woman being forced to become comfort woman for soldiers as seen by Kimiko Kaneda in Korea. Horrible situations in which woman were forced to be prostitutes for soldiers in action being abused, broken and used. Tools for moral recovery in times of war. Its necessary to note the extensive means of human life used and desposed of for imperalism however this is not a new development in history. I would say Japan gained many benefits from imperialism and the empire with growing economic stability, woman roles and power. Yet korea suffered conflict between themselves, china and japan. China was not much better off with the Qing empire as they were constantly humilated by the actions of the western powers and japan, clearly suffering from lack of a central government and divided territories between shogun.

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