East Asia under Imperialism

In twentieth century, Japan is a force in East Asia. With their imperialism in China and Korea, they influenced the East Asia’s cultural, society and so Japanese imperialism mark a dark age of Asia with their civilization. Japan took advantage of their military to imposed Westernization for the neighbor country. Although it was Westernization but mostly Asia got was destruction in culture and people. China consider their women as a tool and a resource to improve their society. Women were being forced to be prostitutes for soldiers after the fight, they were nothing than a tool, broken and being abused. Humanity was not exist in that period of time, people only care about money and power. It was consequence of Imperialism, when Japan follow it they could gain more power and could change their country. After followed Westernization, they had an advance in technology and power. And so they need more resources, more land to expand their ruler. It was reasonable for the ruler of Japan over China and Korea, it gained for them a lot of benefit such as economy growth, power and forces. But their neighbor was not good like it, China suffered by divided government and territories and they also suffered from the action of Japan and Western which made them very difficult in development. Moreover, China and Korea society has been corrupted because of the war. Women became resource for their country, they did not have a voice or a stand in the community and they were nothing more than a tool for men to be pleasure.

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