Africa’s economy

The struggle for Africa as a colony between imperialist countries made relations between these countries tense, stimulating chauvinism and belligerence. Conflicts among European countries caused a series of crises, one culminating in the First World War. The contradictions that could not be fully resolved by World War I were the seeds of World War II. Because of the Europe was trying to improve their power and so expand their country, they need to improve their economy by take control other countries. Places like Asia and Africa seemed likely sources for contribution, it was a source for power and economy growth. The European control a lot of land in African, most of the raw material was taken by the European. They have been forced to become an export country with all the material such as coffee and tea. Because of that their economy fall down and combine with the wage, it made the country economy decreased. However,in Economist “A hopeful continent”, we are seeing a rising in economy of Africa. European left and they provide Africa with a lot of technology which is a start for a technology revolution later. Many oilfields and gold mines could start again to produce revenue and so the economy would raise again.

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