Response to Latin America

This week, we are covering the Latin America region. We could see from professor Holt’s lecture and in Bayly, some of the trouble was from the America intervention. America believed the Cuban revolution created a threat to America people and so they tried to do put Cuba in a dictatorship. As in Bayly, we could know that the Latin America political had been struggled because of the intervention from America. America supported the dictatorship in Latin America because they want to take advantage of it. And because of that, there was an armed revolution which also had its origins in the Mexican revolution. A key event was the Cuban revolution of Fidel Castro in 1956 which also inspired by the armed revolution. America wants to get rid of Castrol because of his communist ideals and his relationship with the Soviet Union. Thank to professor Holt’s lecture this week, we have known more about the intervention of America to Latin America country which is Cuba. The America intervention only makes Cuba’s socialist movement became worst. They tried to remove or assassinate Castro, professor Holt told us that they tried to kill him by poisoning his diving suit. In Bayly, because of the America intervention, the economic blockade made Cuba economic dramatically go down and so they have to dependence on the USSR. And some of the trouble from America’s intervention was “The Bay of Pigs incident” and “Cuban missile crisis”.

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