Israel and Palestine

Both documents start out by saying how their people have lived in the land for centuries, and also been conquered/exiled. The two documents state these as reasons for their right to live in this land along with the fact that neither group has a country to call their own. Later on each declares their states founding as Jerusalem as its capital, along with a list of rights for citizens, which are very similar. The endings are wrapped up by claiming that their great struggle is over.

Religion is used as an example for why the two groups should be allowed to claim the land, and as a way of attracting immigration. The Israelis describe themselves as a people who have been driven from their homeland but still have held onto their values over this time. Palestinians have the same view but not as extreme, and they feel as if they have been betrayed by others for not being given a home. The Israeli document claims that Arabs in Israel will be seen as equals, and asks for their help in building the nation. It goes on to state that Israel wishes to uplift all of the Middle East. Palestine wishes for Israeli settlements to leave, and to live in the region peacefully alongside Israel. Both states seem to begrudgingly deal with each others presence, while both having claim over Jerusalem.

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