Israel and Palestine Declarations of Independence

Both Declarations of Independence resemble each other as they both have a tone of rightful ownership to the land the claim. They both discuss how their people have been forced out of the land discussed for significant lengths of time and a sense of birthright ownership over the territory.

The Israeli document is more influenced and supported through religion than the Palestinian document. The argument for Israel is entirely based in the idea that the Jewish people, a population centered around many things but religion being primary, as exiled and coming back to their land on which the religion was founded. However, the Palestinian document does include religion with giving praise to God at the beginning.

Both groups define themselves as an ancient people with as previously mentioned, birthright to the region. They also both identify as being exiled and punished from their land early on, and independence would mean gaining where their “people” originate from once again.

The Israeli’s do not outwardly mention or blame the Palestinians for the situation of their community, however the Palestinian’s reference the Jewish people and several decisions made regarding Israel by outside entities multiple times in a scornful manner.

Finally, both the Israelis and the Palestinians view being able to have their whole community, who both feel has been exiled from the land, all together once again in the region will bring prosperity and repair to their group and provide positivity they had not otherwise experienced since being forced to leave.

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