Declarations of Independence

  1. Both documents are structured similarly. They begin with their religious history, talking about the discrimination they of their groups. They also both illustrate the idea that they have an inherent right to the land. Both documents pose a sense of entitlement to the land and justification throughout their history.
  2. Religion is very important in both documents. Both documents justified their right to the land with religion. The first sentence of the Palestinian declaration says, “In the name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful Palestine, the land of the three monotheistic faiths, is where the Palestinian Arab people was born, on which it grew, developed and excelled.” The very first sentence of their declaration shows that religion will play a key role in the declaration.
  3. Both groups identify themselves as groups with a long history. Groups that have been subjected to discrimination and displacement throughout their long history. They define themselves as victims.
  4. The Israeli declaration does not explicitly mention Palestine or the Palestinian people, but comments on advancing the entirety of the Middle-East, alluding to creating peace in the Middle-East. They did not explicitly mention any work towards mending relations with Palestine though. Palestine does mention Israel with comments of them blocking their right to the land. They do not make any positive comments about Israel in their declaration.
  5. Alluded to in 4, Israel envisions advancing the entirety of the Middle-East and Palestine envisions themselves above Israel.

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