Israel vs Palestine Declarations:

  1. When looking at structure, one can see many similarities within the two documents. They both begin with brief religious histories for each country respectively talking essentially about religious displacements and hardships. Then, they both list statements regarding their independences. Overall, the structure is almost identical within the two documents.
  2.  Religion is integral to both nations respectively. They center religion around the holy land which they fight for. Therefore, religion is a defining factor while at the same time causing tension over the holy land.
  3. The Israelis view Palestinians as invaders or trespassers. They see these people who settled on land as aliens who are now vying to reclaim what isn’t rightfully theirs. Israelis think that they own this land due to and that is was given to them by god. However, Palestine view Jewish people as invaders who wrongfully take land. They believe there’s no basis for Israelis in their nation.
  4. The israelis simply seek peace. They are a bit of a lone wolf in that aspect since the surrounding nations do not respect the “invasion” of Jewish people into their nations.

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