Israel and Palestine’s Declarations of Independence

1.) In terms of structure and content, the two declarations are very similar. Both groups talk about the importance of the area due to their religion as well as they talk about their histories of discrimination and displacement as a group. I thought it was interesting to see how both groups saw the land of Israel as a holy land and the land where their people were born. Their main argument for the right to said land was that of historical right and connection.

2.) Religion plays an enormous role in each document. It acts as a justification for their right to the land in which they want independence in. Religion also serves a a tool of unification for both of the groups as well. When you have a group such as the Jews or the Palestinians/Arabs, who have been constantly displaced and separated throughout  history, due to unjust instances of persecution and violence, there comes a time when are are a ton of different groups around the world who lead similar, but different lives because of where they are. However, their religion can bring them together under one nation. Thus,  both groups used religion to show the globe that they deserved a territory in which they could live their likes united and in peace.

3.) Both groups define themselves as a group of people with origins that date back to ancient times. They identify as  groups  who have been subject to harm and horror. They have been displaced as a result of political and religious violence. By having a Palestinian or Jewish state, these groups would be able to  unite their people once again.

4.) In their declaration the Jews don’t necessarily put any disdain onto the Palestinians. They argue that the Palestinians can live in Israel, free of discrimination based on religion or race. This is said in  hopes to preserve peace and unity among  the two groups. However, Palestinians, though they don’t explicitly say it, identify the Jews as blocking their path to unification and a free Palestinian state.

5.) Like previously stated, Jews view Palestinians as free and equal members of their society, safe from religious and ethnic intolerance. Palestinians, however, would like to  see a free  and separate state from Israel. They would like to separate themselves from Jewish rule, not interested in keeping a united  state where  they would rule over Jews.

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