Isreal and Palestine Comparison

  1. In terms of structure and content the two declarations are strikingly similar. Its almost as if once copied the other but changed the worlds slightly. Israels starts off with a brief religious history of the people and ends with a list of statements about this independence. The Palestine one is identical in this regard as it starts off with a brief history of the Palestine Arab people and ends with a list of statements about the independent Palestine state. As an extension of this statement the histories provided seem remarkably similar as well. Both resemble a long tragedy of displacement and strife and place the land that is Israel in a holy position.
  2. Religion plays a massive role in both as not only the defining factor of both groups but also the catalyst on which they fight over the “holy land” that Israel as claimed. So religion is huge for both groups.
  3. The Israeli nations sees Palestinians as trespassers almost. people who settled on land that did not belong to them and now seek to reclaim what isn’t theirs. Israelis feels a natural right, a god given right of existence and ownership to the land that Palestine is fighting against. meanwhile Palestine goes as far as to call the Jewish people infidels and invaders who have taken their land on a bases that holds no grounds and no place in the Palestinian nation.
  4. the Jewish peoples seek peace and neighborly status while all neighboring nations regardless of religions since that is how they are taught to exist in their religion. Palestine on the other hand wants no part of peace and wants to reclaim this land from the invaders that are their. There is no future where Palestine wins and the Jewish people are still in Israel.

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